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Fried Maggi Recipe | Fried Masala Maggi | Maggi Recipe | Maggi Masala | Fry Maggi recipe


Fried Maggi Recipe | Fried Masala Maggi | Maggi Recipe | Fry Maggi Masala | How to make fried Maggi TOO YUMMY......!!!!! Maggi is an international brand of seasonings,instant soup and noodles.Fried maggi is very tasty and it make maggi noodles more spicy.Kids who don't love vegetables will loved it. we wanted to make something different so we make it in a different style. Must try this recipe #friedmaggimasala #frymaggimasala #Tooyummyrecipes #friedmaggi #howtomakefriedmaggi Preparation Time :-15 min Ingredients:- 1.Maggi noodles 1 large 2.Onion medium size 1 3.Capsicum 1/2 4.Egg 5.White oil 4 tbsp 6.Soya sauce 1/2 tbsp 7.Tomato Sauce 8.Chilli flex 9.Black pepper Powder 10.Salt 1/2 = Related video👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Boiled masala maggi recipe👉👉👉 🤍 More recipes 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Chicken Bharta\vorta 🤍 Pan pizza recipe 🤍 Easy doi\dahi chicken recipe 🤍 Curd fish curry 🤍 Stuffed Omelette Recipe👉👉 🤍 Upma recipe👉👉 🤍 vapa dimer Recipe👉👉 🤍 Chicken Rezala👉👉 🤍 Prawn masala recipe👉👉 🤍 = Music provided by 🤍 Fried Maggi,how to make fried Maggi,fried Maggi masala,fried Maggi recipe,easy fried Maggi,fried Maggi kaise Banaye,fried Maggi with egg,quick fried Maggi recipe

Veg fried maggi masala - a unique must try maggi noodles recipe! | fried maggi | Maggi masala


This is not your regular 2 minute maggi masala recipe! This is a unique fried maggi masala recipe that is very easy and quick to prepare and tastes more like hakka noodles or veg chow mein while retaining the chatpata taste from maggi masala. If you are bored of eating regular maggi and planning on experimenting a little, then fried maggi noodles is the best recipe you must try. I prepare this maggi recipe once a while when I don’t have haka noodles or when I don’t have patience to prepare some time taking dish. It has that chatpata taste of maggi masala and also lot of vegetables. So, it is one good way to keep your taste buds happy while also keeping it somewhat healthy. How to make fried maggi masala? Making fried maggi masala will take longer than 2 mins, but it is still a quick and easy recipe. - First we will boil maggi, take it out and apply some oil and keep it aside. - Then we need to chop all the vegetables we will be using, like carrots, beans, capsicum, etc. - Heat oil in a pan or kadai, add veggies and garlic and fry them well at high flame. Then add spices, mix well. And now we add maggi noodles, ketchup, and fry it until done. Finally garnish it with coriander leaves. Serve hot and yummy veg fried masala maggi. You can keep hot sauce, or ketchup as per preference on the side. And please subscribe to our other social media channels: Facebook 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Veg fried maggi masala ingredients: Maggi 2 packet Veggies 1 cup Onion 1/4 cup Oil 2-3 tbsp Garlic 2 Salt as per taste Red chilli powder 1/4 tsp Green chilli 1 Chat masala 1/4 tsp Ketchup 1 tbsp Coriander leaves -

Chinese style Masala Maggi recipe | 5 mins instant noodles recipe | Street style Masala Maggi


Chinese style Masala Maggi recipe | 5 mins instant noodles recipe | Street style maggi recipe #maggirecipe #instantnoodlesrecipe # maggirecipe #streetfood #chiliinapod #masalamaggi #indianstylemaggirecipe #mumbaistreetfood #comfortfood Serving : 2 Preparation Time : 10 mins Cooking time : 5 mins Spicy level : Medium For Boiling Maggi : 3 cups water 2 pack Instant Maggi Noodles 1 tsp Oil For making Chinese style sauce: 2 tbsp Oil 1 tsp Garlic, chopped 1 no Fresh Red chili, chopped OR Green chili 1 no medium Onion, sliced 1/4 cup Carrot, julinne 1/4 cup capsicum Cooked Maggi 2 pack Instant Maggi masala 1 tbsp Soy sauce 1 tsp Vinegar 1 tsp Chili sauce 1/4 tsp Black pepper powder A pinch of salt Garnishing: Spring Onions 🥘 RECIPE WITH INGREDIENT LIST 📝 🤍 🎬 RELATED VIDEOS - Cheesy Masala Maggi - 🤍 Chicken fried Noodles recipe : 🤍 Dragon Chicken Recipe : 🤍 Chili Garlic Noodles recipe : 🤍 Chili Garlic Toast - 🤍 Buffalo Cauliflower - 🤍 Mushroom Manchurian - 🤍 veg Kathi Roll - 🤍 🎶 MUSIC: 🤍 If you like this video, gives it a thumbs up, Subscribe and share the video . Leave below in comments if you have any special recipe request. Spread the love of food. 👨🏽‍🍳 Cooking Chili in a Pod recipes? 👩🏽‍🍳 📸SHOW US YOUR PHOTOS! upload them and tag us using any one of the below!! Instagram 🤍 Or follow us on Twitter 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Pinterest 🤍

Fried Maggi Recipe | Street Food


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Fried Maggi with Minimum Ingredients|Yummiest Maggi Ever|Maggi that does not stick after hours


Hey Guys.. I bet, no one can deny the fact that our dearest Maggi has always been our savior at times..!! Most of us have our personal special recipe of Maggi...So give a try to my version of Maggi..Hope you like it..!! :) Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel for many more videos and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Blog Website: 🤍 Live The Life You Love And Stay Happy Love RovitaS

Fried Maggi Noodles With Egg - Mid Night Street Food Hyderabad DLF Building | Street Food Focus


Fried Maggi Noodles With Egg Mid Night Street Food 🤍 Hyderabad DLF Building || Indian Street Food Focus Street Food Focus - Indian Street Food Focus #FriedMaggiNoodles #MaggiNoodles #HyderabadStreetFood Dry Maggi Noodles Street Food At Hyderabad DLF Building. Best Cheapest Roadside Food In Hyderabad For Maggi Lovers. For More Best Hyderabad Street Food Videos and Indian Street Food Videos Please Subscribe Indian Street Food Tour Channel : 🤍

EASY Maggi Mee Goreng Mamak Recipe | Malaysia Fried Instant Noodle


The easiest Maggi Mee Goreng recipe that you can make it in 10 minutes using 5 ingredients! The recipe is in my blog: 📝 RECIPE ► Full recipe: 🤍 🍳 ABOUT MAGGI GORENG Malaysians must be serious about their food. We put extra time and effort to cook what otherwise should be ‘instant’ noodles, and created the wildly popular Maggi goreng. While sometimes I do wonder why I should order a plate of fried instant noodles, all thoughts disappear once it arrived on the table with a sunny-side-up on top. Personally, I love breaking the yolk and have it oozes out to drench the flavourful, fried noodles. One day, I decided to make it at home and I went into a kitchen of a few mamak stalls to learn. Some stalls use chili paste, light soy sauce, and other curry powder to enhance the taste. At home, I prefer to keep it less salty and add more fresh ingredients. I promise you this is the easiest ‘Maggi Mee’ goreng recipe you can find. On top of packet of curry flavour Maggi noodles and cooking oil, you only need to prepare 5 other simple ingredients. 👩🏻‍🍳 ABOUT SARA KHONG Hi! am Sara Khong, a cooking instructor and cookbook writer. I teach Malaysian cooking at my cooking school (also my home), New Malaysian Kitchen, which is now #1 cooking school in Kuala Lumpur in Tripadvisor. That’s where this video is filmed too. I also help brands create content: develop recipes, style and shoot food, make cooking videos, and write food-lifestyle articles. 🎥 OTHER EASY RECIPES ► Easy Lentil Curry (20 minutes) 🤍 ► Durian Ice-Cream (3 Ingredients) 🤍 📱 CONNECT ►Newsletter: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 🔔SUBSCRIBE ► Youtube : 🤍 Thank you for watching! Please subscribe and click the bell button at the side! ♡ Sara Khong 🇲🇾

चटपटा मसालेदार फ्राइड मैगी | Fried Masala Maggi | Maggi recipe | Maggi Masala | Kabitaskitchen


#kabitaskitchen #Maggirecipe #masalamaggi चटपटा मसालेदार फ्राइड मैगी, Fried Masala Maggi, Maggi recipe, veg hakka noodles, hakka maggi recipe, chinese maggi recipe, fried masala maggi, best maggi recipe, easy maggi recipe, spicy maggi recipe, maggi recipe by kabitaskitchen, dry maggi recipes, chow mein recipe, street style maggi recipe Preparation time- 15 minutes Serving - 2 Ingredients: Maggi noodles - 2 pack(with tastemaker) Green chilli -1 Onion-1 Garlic cloves- 3 French beans -1/4 cup Green peas -1/4 cup Carrot -1/4 cup Capsicum -1/4 cup Couliflower - 1/4 cup Cooking oil-2 tbsp Red chilli sauce - 1tbsp Soy sauce - 1 tbsp Tomato ketchup -1 tbsp Vinegar- 1/2 tbsp Website- 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram-🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Music by Kevin MacLeod; Life of Riley, Parting of the ways Source- 🤍 Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Spicy Maggi Recipe-Street Style Maggi Masala Recipe-Dry Maggi Recipe-Maggi Recipe without Vegetables


Spicy Maggi Recipe-Street Style Maggi Masala Recipe-Dry Maggi Recipe-Maggi Recipe without Vegetables #maggirecipeinhindi #drymaggirecipe #drymaggirecipeinhindi #howtomakedrymaggi #maggimasala #masalamaggi #maggi #maggiwithoutvegetables #maggirecipewithoutvegetables Dry magi recipe,dry magi recipe without vegetables,maggi recipe,masala maggi,maggi,maggi recipe,maggi banane ki recipe,maggi masala,maggi masala noodles,maggi recipe in hindi,maggi noodles,how to make maggi,masala maggi recipe,how to make perfect maggi,maggi masala recipe,spicy maggi recipe,maggi noodles recipe,recipe of maggi in hindi,street style maggi,street style maggi masala,street style maggi recipe,veg maggi recipe

Fried Maggi!! #shorts


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Butter Fried Maggi - Have you tried this? | Maggi Recipes | Fried Maggi | 10 Minute Recipe | Maggi


Hey all the Maggi lovers, check out this easy and yummy recipe of Butter Fried Maggi. It's easy to make and is extremely delicious, so do try it and share with your friends! Also please do not forget to like, share, comment and subscribe to our channel! Other Recipes- Soupy Momos Recipe - 🤍 Egg bhurji in Pita bread Recipe -🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Amazon - 🤍 #shorts . . . . . . . . 5 Minutes Recipe | Breakfast Recipe |Yummy Evening Snacks Recipe | Evening Snacks Recipe | Snacks | 5 Minutes Lockdown Snack Recipe | Quick Evening snack Recipe | Tasty & Delicious Snack Recipe | Easy Snack | Instant Snacks Recipes | Evening Snacks Recipes | Kids Snacks | lock down recipes | Quick Tea Time Snacks Recipes | Snacks Recipes | Easy Snacks | Instant Snacks | Quick Snacks | Instant Veg Snacks Recipes | Homemade Snacks | Indian Snacks For Kids | Healthy Evening Snacks Indian | Evening Snacks Indian | Easy Snacks To Make In 5 Minutes | 5 - Minutes Recipes | 5 Minutes Recipes Indian | Indian Vegetarian Recipes | Quick Meals | Easy Meals | Easy Recipes | Healthy Breakfast | Dinner Ideas | Healthy Meals | Healthy Recipes | Who Want To Eat Street Food Hyderabad | Evening Snacks Indian | Evening Snacks Low Calorie | Evening Snacks Without Oil | Evening Snacks Oil Free | Evening Snacks Vegetarian | Evening Snacks Easy | Evening Snacks Quick And Easy | | Evening Snacks Recipe | Evening Snacks For Kids in hindi | Evening Snacks Tamil | Tea Time Snacks Healthy | Tea Time Dry Snacks | Tea Time Snacks At Home | Jhatpat Tea Time Snacks | Tea Time Snacks | Tea Time Snacks Quick | Evening Snacks Recipe | Snacks | Mirchi Snacks | Instant Snacks | Chilli Recipes | vlog Recipe | Today Recipe | Spicy Recipe | Hot Spicy Snacks Recipe | Today Snacks | Village | Easy To Make Snacks | Food | Indian | Recipe | Homemade | Cooking | Learn Cooking | How To Cook | Home Cooking | Easy Recipe | Instant Breakfast Recipe | Indian Style Recipe | Recipe | 5 Minutes Breakfast Recipe | 10 Minutes Recipes | Lockdown Recipes | Quarantine Recipes | Indian Famous Street Food | Nashta Recipe | Quick Snacks | Indian Recipes | Tasty Recipes | Cooking Recipes | Food Recipes | Dinner Recipes | Easy Dinner Recipes | Easy Recipes | Dinner Ideas | Vegetable Recipes | Indian Recipes | Breakfast Recipes | Vegetarian Recipes | Meal Ideas | Easy Dinner Ideas | Veg Recipes | Quick Meals | Restaurant Style | Restaurant Recipe | Indian Food Recipes | Simple Recipes | Snacks Recipes | Quick Easy Meals | Quick And Easy Meals | Best Recipes | Appetizer Recipes | Quick And Easy Recipes | Simple Dinner Recipes | Quick Dinner Recipes | Easy Cooking Recipes | Commercial Recipes | Recipes For Kids | Easy Food Recipes | Good Recipes | Food Ideas | No Oven | Easy Meals | Yummy Recipes | Good Food Recipes | Recipe Ideas | Pakistani Recipes | Delicious Recipes | Cheap Recipes | Without Oven | New Recipes | Quick Easy Dinner | Simple Meals | Quick Easy Recipes | Cooking Tips | Finger Food Recipes | Cooking Ideas | Easy Vegetarian Recipes | Indian Cooking Recipes | Recipes By Ingredients | Super Recipes | Cooking Food | Simple Food Recipes | Great Recipes | Online Recipes | Fast Recipes | Vegetarian Food Recipes | Easy Super Recipes | Recipe For | Recipe | White | Vegetarian Food Recipes | without | Fast And Easy Recipes | Easy Cook | Quick Meals Ideas | Easy To Make Recipes | Indian Vegetarian Recipes | Pakistani Food Recipes | Food And Recipes | Easy Fast Recipes | Vegan Recipes | Easy Family Recipes | Recipes | Quick Food Recipes | Fast Food Recipes | Easy Indian Recipes | New Food Recipes | Party Recipes | Recipe Box | More Recipes | Quick Cooking Recipes | Food Receipt | Scrambled eggs | Chef Recipes | Home Cooking Recipes | Copycat Recipes | Recipe And Ingredients | New Dishes Recipe | Easy And Cheap Recipes | Favorite Recipes | Kids Favorite Foods | Famous Recipe | Free Recipe | Recipes And Cooking | Vegetarian Cooking | Easy Appetizer Recipes | Recipes

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10 minute stir fried Maggi


Maggi Masala Recipe | Maggi banane ki recipe | Maggi Recipe in hindi | Veg Maggi | kabitaskitchen


THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED This Maggi Masala Recipe is a street style vegetable maggi recipe by KabitasKitchen. It is very easy to make and super tasty Maggi Recipe in hindi. Ye Maggi banane ki recipe recipe ekdum street style indian recipe hai. Preparation Time-15 minutes Serving-2 Ingredients: Maggi noodles-2 packet (you may use any noodles like yipee or top ramen) Green chilli(chopped)-1 Curry leaves-8 to 10 Green peas(fresh/frozen)-25 gm Tomato(chopped)-1 Onion(chopped)-1 large Cooking oil- 3 tbsp Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp Red chilli powder-1/3 tsp Cumin powder- 1/4 tsp Coriander powder-1/4 tsp Salt-1/4 tsp For written recipe: Website- 🤍 Blog- 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Music by Kevin MacLeod; Source- 🤍 Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Maggi | Fried Maggi Masala for Rs 180 | Indian Street Food


Maggi, Fried Masala Maggi is awesome in taste. Vinay Sandwiches, Maggi & Pasta, Malad West, Mumbai Address: Ijmima Building, Enterface Road, Behind Infinity Mall 2, Malad West, Mumbai Funny Wifi Names for wifi network, Visit 🤍

Fried Maggi Recipe | Fried Ramen | Street Style | Telugu and English Subtitles | Slowmo Cooking


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This Is How I Stir Fry Maggie Noodles


Add egg, add spring onion, add chilies, add whatever you want, season it however you want to.. very simple and versatile dish.. As for my video this round i use 4packs maggie mee aka instant noodle) 1/2 onion sliced 1 clove garlic minced few leaves of napa cabbages cut into small size handful of taugeh aka beansprout 5 shrimps peeled 3 tbsp minced meat marinated with a dash of ginger powder, white pepper powder, salt, sesame oil and cornstarch 1 tbsp oyster sauce 2 tbsp soy sauce 1/2 tsp sugar a pot of boiling water some oil and sesame oil 1. Bring a pot of water to boil then turn off the heat. 2. Soak maggie mee in the hot water for a min or so till it soften. 3. In a pan, add in oil and sesame oil, heat it up then add in garlic and onion. Saute for a min till it is fragrant 4. Then add in marinated minced pork. Stir till cooked. 5. Add in shrimps, cook till 50% done, then add in taugeh and napa cabbages. Stir awhile. 6. Add in maggie mee and seasoning - oyster sauce, soy sauce and sugar. 7. Toss the maggie mee till well mixed and cooked through. Add a bit of water if it is too dry. 8. Serve. Enjoy ~ Sorry for not uploading new videos, for some time as I've been away for holiday.. #philviestory #stirfry #maggiegoreng

Crispy Maggi I fried noodles I fried maggi in tomato sauce


Crispy Maggi I fried noodles I fried maggi in tomato sauce #maggi #noodles #crispyMaggi #friednoodles #mywayofcooking Follow my channel for more recipes: 1. donne biryani (shivaji military hotel) - 🤍 2. Vangi bath: 🤍 3. Mutton Kheema: 🤍 4. Chicken Kadai / chicken Karahi: 🤍 5. Mushroom Masala: 🤍 6. Prawn ghee Roast / Shrimp fry/ : 🤍 7. Paneer Tikka Masala Restaurant style: 🤍 8. Tawa Chicken/ Dhaba Style : 🤍 9. Chilli cheese toast: 🤍 10. Seer fish curry: 🤍 11. Prawn Masala / Shrimp fry : 🤍 12. Pressure cooker Biryani: 🤍 13. Davengere benne dosa: 🤍 14. Pav Bhaji: 🤍 15. Crispy Maggi: 🤍 16. mutton gravy/ lamb curry : 🤍 17. 3 ingredient chocolate cake: 🤍 18. chicken chukka : 🤍 19. Raw mango rice / lunch box recipe: 🤍 20. Egg malai / creamy egg gravy: 🤍 21. Mushroom 65/ easy mushroom starter: 🤍 22. Nagarjuna andhra chicken biryani: 🤍 23. easy keto recipe / cauliflower egg fry: 🤍 24. nagarjuna style andhra chilli chicken: 🤍 25. Mango smoothie / mango milk shake: 🤍 26. instant Jalebi / jilebi : 🤍 27. lemon butter chicken: 🤍 28. spinach corn sandwich: 🤍 29. dindigul thalpakattu biryani: 🤍 30. capsicum rice: 🤍 31. chicken 65 hyderabadi style: 🤍 best maggi recipe,masala maggi,maggi,maggi recipe,maggi banane ki recipe,maggi masala,maggi masala noodles,maggi recipe in hindi,maggi noodles,how to make maggi,masala maggi recipe,how to make perfect maggi,maggi masala recipe,spicy maggi recipe,maggi noodles recipe,recipe of maggi in hindi,street style maggi,street style maggi masala,street style maggi recipe,veg maggi recipe,best maggi recipe in hindi, my way of cooking

Fried Yippee Noddles Street Food | Fried Maggi | Best Fried vegetable Noodles 2018


Ultimate Maggi Noodles : 🤍 This recipe is all about How to make Fried Instant Noodles ? Fried Yippee Noddles Street Food is a simple and easy recipe yet delicious . Attta Yippee Noodles have been used here , same steps can be followed while making any kind of Instant noodles. Thanks for watching :) If You like my channel Please subscribe 🤍 These are Amazon affiliate links , if you purchase anything from these links , I will get a small commission . Thanks for you support :) link Best Sellers in Home & Kitchen : 🤍 My Wok : Flipkart Link : 🤍 My Wok: Amazon Link : 🤍 HAWKINS Tri-ply Stainless Steel Frying Pan : 🤍 Hawkins Futura Non-stick Stir-Fry Wok : 🤍 Best Sellers in Computers & Accessories : 🤍 Best Sellers in Grocery & Gourmet Foods : 🤍 Best Sellers in Electronics : 🤍 Kitchen Gear :🤍 Tripod : 🤍 Best Mobile Tripod : 🤍 Cooking Oil : 🤍 Delicious and Fusion Recipes . #Yippee #Maggi #Noodles #FriedMaggi #indianrecipes ultimate chicken curry : 🤍 Simple Quick Juicy Panner Fry / Kabab : 🤍 Healthy Version of Chili Chicken without deep frying Chicken : 🤍 Rajma Masala : 🤍 Green chili Flavored Dry Chicken : 🤍 Cheesy Egg keema : 🤍

100 Fried Maggi Noodles Cooking By Granny | Fried Maggi Noodles Recipes | maggi noodles street style


100 Fried Maggi Noodles Cooking By Granny | Fried maggi Noodles recipes | maggi noodles street style 100 Maggi Noodles Cooking By grandma | Yummy Maggi Noodles for kids

8 Yummy Maggi Recipes


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Spicy Maggi Masala Recipe -Chinese Maggi Recipe-Street Style Maggi Masala-Best Maggi Recipe in hindi


Spicy Maggi Masala Recipe -Chinese Maggi Recipe-Street Style Maggi Masala-Best Maggi Recipe in hindi #masalamaggirecipe #maggi #maggirecipe #maggiinhindi Video link 🤍

4 Tasty Maggi Masala Recipe - Cheesy Maggi, Curry Maggi, Chilli Garlic Maggi, Vegetable Masala Maggi


full recipe: 🤍 maggi noodles recipe | maggi masala recipe 4 ways | cheese maggi & vegetable maggi with detailed photo and video recipe. perhaps one of the popular and easy instant snack meal recipes prepared with maggi noodles and tastemakers. it is simple, easy and more important attracts almost all types of audience with no age bar. in addition the noodles recipe was targeted just for morning breakfast, but it can be easily prepared for any meal including lunch, dinner and even evening snacks. maggi noodles recipe | maggi masala recipe 4 ways | cheese maggi & vegetable maggi with step by step photo and video recipe. maggi noodles have always been one of the popular noodles recipes since its launch by nestle. each country in the world has its own type and variation from the nestle brand which are generally tailored for local taste buds. but in india it is special and comes with masala tastemaker which can be further extended to many variations and this post covers 4 basic popular maggi recipes. Music: 🤍 #hebbarskitchen

HOW TO MAKE Egg fried maggi |


THANK YOU FOR WATCHING.!! Ingredients required : maggi - 70gm ( 2nos.) oil - 4 tbsp (20ml) turmeric - 1/2 tbsp (2gms) onion - 1 medium size( 70gm ) green chili - 2 nos. capsicum - 1/4 medium size ( 30gm) carrot - 1 small (20gm) red chilli powder - 1/4 tbsp chat masala - 1/4 tbsp #Egg#maggi#fried#Noodles#Instant

MAGGI || BEST IN MUMBAI || @ RS. 180/-


MAGGI AT IT'S BEST "VEG CHEESE SCHEZWAN MAGGI" ONE OF THE BEST IN MUMBAI LOCATED MALAD WEST..... ALL THE OFFICE PEOPLE NEAR MALAD MINDSPACE HAS A GREAT POINT OF ATTRACTION.... Chopped Onion and Capsicum is put in the boiling water in a Pan then Two Packets of MAGGI is added in the pan then Maggi Masala,Schezwan Chutney, Salt, Red Chilli Flakes, Chilli Sauce, Soya Sauce, Saffron Eating color is mixed and pan is closed for a while. After a While Mayonnaise is added and mixed well. Once the water is soaked in proper manner the maggi is served on the butter paper in a plate. and as a final finish cheese is garnished over the plate and some chilli flakes are sprinkled AWESOME TASTE.... My setup (Affiliate links) : Phone : 🤍 Laptop : 🤍

Maggi masala fried noodles - different flavors


This recipe was inspired by a question from a viewer 🤍octborn_ariesian 3 months ago the question was Can I make fried noodles from Maggi noodles? on the following video Crispy Fried Noodles | How To Make Fried Noodles- 🤍 thanks for watching, commenting and subscribing

Stir Fried Instant Noodles ( 炒方便面)


Stir Fried Instant Noodles ( 炒方便面)-A Simple Noodle Stir Fry ever! Overall Cooking time must not be more than 3 minutes! Ingredients (Serving for 2) 2 Instant Noodle 1 tsp Minced Garlic Seasonings 2 tbsps Sweet Soy Sauce 1 tbsp Vegetable Oil 100ml Chicken Stock or Water Easy Recipes: 🤍 Noodle Recipes: 🤍 Egg Related recipes: 🤍 Background Music from Youtube Audio library.

Fried Maggi..!!! ഒരിക്കൽ കഴിച്ചാൽ Maggi എന്നും ഇതുപോലെ തയ്യാറാക്കൂ | Maggi Masala | Noodles Recipe


Happy Cooking with Shamees Kitchen Tomato Sauce Recipe : 🤍 My Instagram: 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Ingredients Noodles Oil Garlic Cloves Onion Carrot Capsicum Tomato Pepper Powder Coriander Powder Masala Powder Tomato Sauce Soya Sauce Salt as needed You can mail me at : shameeskitchen🤍 About : Shamees Kitchen is a YouTube Channel, Where you will find Delicious Recipes with the ingredients which are easily available. Learn Interesting Recipes and Share your Feedback with us. If I can cook you can too :D Yours Cooking Channel :) *Disclaimer : All the content published on this channel is protected under the copyright law and should not be used/reproduced in full or part without the creator's prior Permission* #shameeskitchen Maggi Masala Recipe Maggi Recipe Fried Maggi Recipe Instant Noodles Recipe Veg Maggi

ডিম্ দিয়ে ভাজা ম্যাগি / Spicy Fried Egg Maggi / Egg Noodles Recipe


Easy Fried Maggi Recipe for Beginners , Bachelors, Hostel & Pg Students. Egg Noodles Recipe. #MaggiRecipe #EggNoodles #ArpitaNath * Ingredients : Maggi (1 packet) Potato (1 medium size) Eggs (2) Onion (1 medium size) Mustard Oil (1 tbsp) Green Chilli (1 finely chopped) Salt (according to taste) Maggi Tastemaker Masala (1 packet) Turmeric Powder (1/2 tsp) * SUBSCRIBE to learn more Easy Bengali Recipes : 🤍 Visit My Website / Blog : 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to My Other Channels - Fit Recipes : 🤍 Arpita Nath : 🤍 Follow Me On - Facebook : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 * You May Also Like - Egg Chowmein Recipe Restaurant Style : 🤍 Veg Hakka Chow Recipe Restaurant Style : 🤍 Healthy Egg Capsicum Fried Rice Recipe : 🤍 Egg Hakka Chowmein Recipe : 🤍 Egg Dum Biryani Recipe : 🤍 * Kitchen Utensils and Tools I Use - Stainless Steel Wok : 🤍 Stainless Steel Saucepan : 🤍 Stainless Steel Small Kadhai : 🤍 Non-Stick Wok : 🤍 Silicon Spatula : 🤍 Non-Stick Biryani Pot : 🤍 Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder : 🤍 Martar & Pastle : 🤍 Grindstone / Sheel Nora : 🤍 * Lots of Love Arpita :)

Fried Maggi Recipe With Egg | How To Make Fried Maggi Recipe At Home | Street Style Fried Egg Maggi


Fried Maggi Recipe With Egg | dry maggi recipe | How To Make Fried Maggi Recipe At Home | Fried Maggi Masala Noodles | fried maggi banane ka tarika | fried maggi banane ki recipe | maggi recipe indian style | Egg maggi masala noodles | fried egg maggi street food | fried egg maggi street food | street style fried egg maggi | how to make egg maggi at home,liziqi cooking. #cooking #maggi #streetfood #Kitchen

Tasty Egg Maggi Recipe


Tasty Egg Maggi Recipe How to make Egg Maggi egg maggi noodles recipe easy egg maggi recipe quick egg maggi recipe maggi recipe with eggs maggi eggs recipe simple egg maggi recipe

Egg Maggi | Maggi Egg Recipe


In this video i will Show you how to make egg maggi | Maggi egg recipe

Very easy Maggi Goreng Mamak recipe| Stir fried instant noodle Malaysian style


Maggi goreng ("fried Maggi (noodles)"; Maggi is a brand of instant noodle and Goreng means "fried" in the Malay language) is a style of cooking instant noodles, in particular the Maggi product range, which is common in Malaysia. It is commonly served at Indian Muslim (or Mamak) food stalls in Malaysia and Singapore.[1] The traditional way of cooking Maggi noodles is to boil them in hot water and then to add a sachet of flavouring included with the noodles to the water to create stock. However, Maggi goreng is cooked by stir-frying them with vegetables and eggs. Sometimes, other ingredients such as tofu, sambal (spicy chilli relish), dark soy, and sometimes meat are added. A slice of lime is usually placed at the side of the plate as a garnish. Users also can add an additional flavour such as curry powder or any readily made paste to enhance the flavour. For certain Maggi goreng dishes, seafood ingredients such as prawn and fish are added based on certain customers' request in Mamak food stalls. There is no standard method of preparing these noodles, as each stall has different techniques and ingredients. It is often accompanied by iced tea, iced lemon tea, fried chicken and a sunny-side-up (Source:WIkipedia) Related tags: Stir fried ramen resipi maggi goreng stir fried malaysian noodles instant noodles recipe Subscribe to our Youtube channel here: 🤍 Connect with us on FB: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍

Maggi banane ki recipe | हर बार इस ही तरीके से बनाओगे जब एक बार ऐसे Maggi खाओगे - Best Masala Maggi


THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED This Maggi Masala Recipe is a street style vegetable maggi recipe by Bharatzkitchen. It is very easy to make and super tasty Maggi Recipe in hindi. Ye Maggi banane ki recipe recipe ekdum street style PRODUCTS THAT I USE: Pepper grinder:🤍 Tawa Used : 🤍 Ginger Garlic Paste: My Voice Recorder (mic) : 🤍 My Main Camera : Canon 70d : 🤍 Other Camera : 🤍 Infrared Thermometer Gun : 🤍 Ph Scale : 🤍 Cooking Thermometer : 🤍 Electric Weighing Scale: 🤍 My Daily Use Knife : 🤍 My Santoku Knife(for professionals only) : 🤍 Website : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍bharatzkitchen Insta : 🤍bharatzkitchen * MUSIC CREDITS: 🤍 🤍

Perfect Maggi Masala Recipe l Maggi Recipe in Hindi l Vegetable Masala Maggi l Masala Maggi Recipe


Perfect Maggi Masala Recipe l Maggi Recipe in Hindi l Vegetable Masala Maggi l Masala Maggi Recipe l 🤍Shyam Rasoi #shyamrasoi #masalamaggi #maggi #masalamaggirecipe #vegetablemagginoodles Ingredients List- 2 pkt Maggi 2 tbsp Oil 1 Big Onion 1 Green Chilli 1/4 Cup Carrot 1/4 Cup Frozen Green Peas 1/4 Cup Capsicum 1 Big Tomato 1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder 1 tsp Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder Salt very little 1 pkt Magic Masala 2 Cup water 2 pkt Taste Maker Coriander leaves Red Chilli Flacks * please follow me on instagram- 🤍 please follow me on Facebook- 🤍 please follow me on you tube channel- 🤍 please follow me on Twitter- 🤍 * Restaurant Style Methi Matar Malaai 🤍 Dhaba Style Aloo Paratha Recipe 🤍 Panjabi Rajma Recipe 🤍 Rajasthani Besan Gatta No Garlic Onion 🤍 Spicy Tomato Rice Recipe 🤍 One Pot Sambhar Recipe 🤍 Mumbai wala Ragda Patties Chaat 🤍 Street Style Kutchi Dabeli 🤍 Wheat flour Vanilla Cake Recipe 🤍 Sindhi Breakfast Dal Pakwan 🤍 Crispy Aloo Masala Poori 🤍 Chinese Soupy Meggi Noodles 🤍



If you’re a Maggie lover you should definitely check this place out, this place is located exactly opposite to the DLF office. They serve delicious Maggie over here they have different flavours of Maggie like fried chicken maggie, vegetable Maggi, chicken Maggie... My favourite over here is the fried chicken maggie and I recommend you to try this out. This is really up rocket friendly place if you’re looking to eat in the budget. This place is also good to have a small chat with your friends standing beside the street eating their delicious hot Maggie. Two people can easily eat at one Rs.150 over here.

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